[The Lessons]

Fourth Grade Student Teacher 

1.  Learn how to pay attention to students' faces while teaching to gauge engagement.
2.  Listen when people try to give you feedback [attention getter]. 
3.  Start units and lessons (especially science) with inquiry [myths and legends].
4.  Bring in real people whenever possible [immigration video of Mom].
5.  Involve families [parents at writing celebrations, pasta night].
6.  Start traditions [Mackinac].
7.  Don't talk over kids [Renee].
8.  Address misbehavior privately [Kyle].
9.  Be firm with high expectations in a nurturing and empowering way [Paula, reading lessons].
10. Teach big ideas [Jan Alleman].
11. Learn about educational policy and politics [Cindy].
12. I can do it.  

High School Tutor & Mentor 

1.  Before beginning a project or initiative, ask for input from everyone involved [Word Warriors].
2.  F.o.l.l.o.w.  t.h.r.o.u.g.h.
3.  Think outside the box to reach kids; use surveys and letters [Denikko and Lem, Maggie].
4.  Don't shy away from talking about race and cultures [Bea].
5.  Taking care of myself is a priority [Phil].
6.  Enforce policies consistently [Bowsher and Thompson].
7.  Apologize [Lem].
8. Don't judge anyone based on their past or reputation [Darren and others].
9. Everyone wants to do well [Darious].
10. The physical environment is key - include art and sunlight [Bill Strickland].
11. Talk about students' real lives [showing Crips and Bloods].
12. Relationships are king, data is queen. 

Chicago Team Leader 

1.  The answer is respect [cta train encounter]. 
2.  Check in with others frequently to seek out feedback [lunch process].
3.  Address things immediately afterwards in private, or it becomes too late.
4.  Over communicate plans and results [admin].
5.  Think about who else is on the beach [Boston].
6.  The key for a meeting or address is preparation and knowing the purpose & audience [Andy].
7.  State objective before and after [Bobb].
8.  Make kids feel like they know the path and have what it takes to win [Bobb].
9.  When talking with others, connect everything with the big picture - a leader's job is to make all the birds fly in the same direction [Ms. Stevenson].
10. Be proactively resourceful so you don't reinvent the wheel [SCMs, snowflakes]. 
11. Involve students in creating events [senior talent show].
12.  Don't just think vision, but turn it into action steps and delegation.

Special Needs Camp Counselor 

1.The first steps are always getting to know each other and stating expectations.
2. Strategies like giving firm choices and reflecting always win over anger.
3. Learn parents' expectations of communication early. 
4. Proactively ask kids to teach you things [Hebrew alphabet].
5. Shared vision of expectations among adults is so important [bus].

Private Elementary Tutor 

1. Kids respond well to the check-mark method of managing workload.
2. Think producing projects, not completing worksheets.
3. Routines, routines, routines, even with small numbers of kids. 
4. Bring in poetry.
5. Ask kids what topics they're interested in and build skills on top of that [war, stars].

Au Pair & Language Assistant 

1. Create meaningful language opportunities, not structured lessons.
2. Again, kids respond well to the check-mark method of managing workload.
3. Again, with supervisors communication is always better. 
4. New perspective on being a parent (let kids grow) and societies in Europe.
5. I can do things by myself.

Hearing Impaired Assistant & Spanish Translator 

1. New habits of speaking that encourage kids to listen (ex. say, show, say).
2. Set and enforce, enforce, enforce.
3. Being a translator is really rewarding.

First Grade Literacy Teacher 
1. How to be strict.  It's good for the kids.
2. The science of decoding and phonics.
3. How to use data analysis.
4. Time management for work-life balance...
5. Trust myself, I can do it despite negativity.
6. Working with parents is awesome. Use them.
7. GLAD strategies for English-language learners.
8. Make all the kids accountable for the work.
9. Always have a you-do.
10. The process of textual analysis. 

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