Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Homestay List


Bung Dee laughing at durian tasting
Nutch securing my headscarf
Riding in the back of the truck to the marsh & market
Listening to Brooke and Tui play cards
Waking up to the call to prayer, rooster, and monsoon on the tin roof
Ducks, chickens, rooster, goats, cats, cows, and water buffalo hang out, near the house & on the street
Meals serenaded by the song birds
Clam hunting together, in the mud with crabs and mud skippers
Playing in the waves with kids at sunset
Watching Bung Dee take down and crack open coconuts
English/Thai lessons - what is your name? Do you like this house?
Squat toilet, bucket bath
Meeting neighbors during batik, palm roof, and soap lessons (old woman's hands!)
Watching Lindsey walk a wandering goat
Getting caught in the monsoon rains during a run to the beach
Mangrove tour in a homemade boat with our local guide (we saw a monkey!)
Going to the local market, we were the only people eating during Ramadan
Playing clapping game with school children (cheek kiss!)
Stopping to see the rubber trees
Watching Jah Rei smile and wave as we left